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About us

SETS offer classic style, premium sunglasses with interchange sides. Our quick release, stainless steel hinge allows you to change color combinations on the go and create the perfect look for all sides of your life. With just one pair of SETS, you can create nearly endless looks for a fraction of the price.

SETS was created by three friends that simply wanted more from their sunglasses. The idea came about when we were trying to decide between purchasing a pair of all black sunglasses or a pair of black sunglasses with white sides. The all black pair seemed great, but we couldn’t shake how cool the black and white pair looked. Frustrated with having to purchase multiple pairs to get the variety of looks we wanted, we decided to make better, more versatile sunglasses.

In addition to creating sunglasses that work for you, we are committed to offering quality products at an affordable price. Our premium sunglasses are made from the highest quality polycarbonate materials, offering a durable, comfortable, and lightweight frame that feels as good as it looks. Despite our premium materials and construction, we offer SETS at a fraction of the price of other name brands because we don’t think you should have to overpay to feel good about the way you look.

Lastly, we recognize there are a lot of problems in the world that go unseen. SETS is a great vehicle to help people see and impact those issues that are important to many. Accordingly, we’re donating a portion of profits to charity to help bring awareness globally.

Simply put, SETS are made for you, from great materials, and do more than just look good –they give back to a great cause too. So, come join us by grabbing a pair (or two) of SETS and show all your sides!

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